IHP, based in London, builds international partnerships for:

  • Successful responses to HIV, hepatitis and interrelated sexual / mental health concerns, and
  • Visionary advances toward sexual health and social wellbeing.

Our goals:

  • Effective HIV and hepatitis treatment and diagnostics for all
  • Combination prevention / protection, including:
    • Community mobilisation
    • Safe, community-friendly and frequent testing (as necessary) for key and most affected populations
    • PrEP when needed
    • Condoms on demand
    • Policies based on TasP and U=U, and
    • Speedy linkage to quality care
  • Decriminalisation of all key populations, HIV transmission, exposure and non-disclosure
  • “Nothing about us without us”
    • In accord with the Community Declaration, IAS Paris 2017
  • Safe places, organisations and networks for key and most affected populations including:
    • Gay men and other men who have sex with men
    • People who use drugs
    • Sex workers
    • Migrants and refugees
    • Minorities
    • Trans people
    • Prisoners
    • Youth, and
    • Women
  • End stigma and discrimination
  • Sex education, sexual health and wellbeing for all
  • Funding and attention to regions most impacted by HIV and hepatitis.
    • In the case of WHO Europe that means Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


IHP and ReShape, it’s UK associate, function together as a resource consultancy / networking platform of organisers and activists building lasting partnerships and alliances among affected communities, care providers, researchers, international organisations, industry representatives and government officials throughout Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.


--From the IHP/ReShape Secretariat




ReShape coordination; EACS consultant; European HIV-Hep Testing Week (ETW) working group; EATG (DMAG); NeLP CC; collaborators: Deniz Gökengin, EGEHAUM, Turkey; Navid Madani, Harvard; others, Europe, MENA


  • IHP-ReShape Secretariat coordinating UK, international activities
  • Focus broadening to sexual health and social wellbeing
  • IHP increasingly active in international policy discussions
  • Expanding mentoring / co-mentoring opportunities with developing and skilled organisers
  • Appointments
    • Advisory board, EU’s Integrate, successor to OptTEST
    • Scientific committee, EACS’ WAVE
    • NAT / HepC Trust ODN project
  • Meetings
    • AAE, Migration; Amsterdam IAS planning
    • Africa Advocacy Foundation, Interel Group: European migrant / HIV policy
    • Kyiv, Odessa: AHF Europe, community activists
    • Paris Community Declaration, IAS
    • Implementation Science meeting, IAS
  • Conferences:
    • HepHIV 2017, Malta
    • EACS, Milano
    • IAS, Paris
    • Hepatitis C Community Summit, Correlation, Amsterdam
    • BHIVA Spring, Autumn
    • cliniQ Trans Health Matters 2017
  • Planning 2nd European ChemSex Forum Berlin, March
  • Promotion: U=U, Paris Community Declaration
  • NeLP: restructuring after illness and internal changes
  • ETW: Key population and regional network of networks to increase safe testing with key and most affected populations
  • Next steps: community testing initiative
  • Turkey: Building Cooperation: Data Collection meeting; peer support training


  • Hosted 1st European ChemSex Forum
    • 5-city meetings and extensive survey to plan next forum
  • EACS HIV Summer School combines clinical and research courses
  • ViiV ad boards, treatment cascades
  • Secured Portuguese HCV FAQs
  • Next steps: community testing initiative
  • Conferences: Glasgow; Durban; BHIVA; CliniQ Trans Health Matters; HIV/LGBT coordination, Russia


  • 2nd European community testing meeting
  • Turkey: launched Building Cooperation stakeholder meetings; self management training; new patient group, Izmir; EGEHAUM’s Rapid Appraisal of Turkish HIV Epidemic
  • Secured French PrEP FAQs


  • Funded NeLP secretariat, Belgrade, testing and drug access projects
  • Turkey: HIV needs assessment; patient / staff self management trainings
  • Cross Region Exchange: MENA and C&SEE activists
  • 1st European community testing meeting


  • Hosted Kuala Lumpur HIV in Muslim Majority Countries workshop
  • Joined European HIV Testing Week working group
  • Convened ReShape

2010 - 2012:

  • Launched IHP as Community Interest Company, ECReCo with EACS, NeLP with EATG
  • Iran national meeting with Navid Madani, Harvard and UNAIDS

Benjamin Collins