International HIV Partnerships (IHP) promotes testing, optimal treatment and care, human rights, social well-being and personal resilience for successful responses to HIV, hepatitis and related sexual and mental health concerns 

To achieve this IHP builds lasting partnerships with activists amongst the affected communities, health care providers, clinical and social researchers, international organisations, industry representatives and government officials throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

IHP’s overall aims:

·       Engage affected communities:

o   Assert human rights

o   Encourage personal resilience, safe status disclosure, and self organising amongst people facing HIV and hepatitis and related sexual and mental health issues

o   Ensure safe virtual and physical places for people, at risk and already infected, to seek information, support, care and treatment, to encourage resilience and enable them to take charge of their lives and futures

·       Promote vigorous, targeted, confidential testing, both government and community, for HIV, hepatitis and STIs to avoid late presentation and manifest the remarkable gains made in prevention and treatment for HIV and hepatitis

·       Advocate for universal data collection and country- and key population treatment cascades, effective HIV and hepatitis monitoring, and epidemiological research to enable successful responses to HIV and hepatitis

·       Guarantee our projects are designed and accomplished with people facing HIV and hepatitis, reflect their local realities, and actually achieve their objectives.

IHP is a not-for-profit, Community Interest Company in England and Wales.

IHP history

IHP launched in 2010 as a resource consultancy providing a range of organisational development and project management services, primarily in the low HIV prevalence countries of South East Europe, specifically with partners in Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia.

Ben Collins, IHP’s founder, had previous international HIV experience, since the late 80’s, with Project Inform based in the US, one of the first HIV treatment information and advocacy organisations, and then in the UK with Simon Collins (HIV i-Base) and Dr Mike Youle (HIV Training and Resource Initiative.

That year, IHP collaborated with EACS to initiate an ongoing annual European Clinical Research Course, ECReCo, addressing clinicians and researchers from under-resourced countries.

In 2011 IHP teamed with regional activists and EATG to launch NeLP, the network of low HIV prevalence in Central and South East Europe (C&SEE), one of the few world regions with still increasing numbers of new infections.

In 2012 IHP began functioning explicitly as a multi-service, multi-issue resourcing platform for innovative projects developed by activists, providers, researchers and people impacted by blood-borne diseases.

In 2013 IHP broadened its work beyond C&SEE; served on European HIV Testing Week’s working group; established working ties with colleagues in the Middle East (ME), another world region with rising new infections; and convened ReShape, a UK-based think tank, comprised of activists, researchers, clinicians and service providers, to reshape responses to HIV, hepatitis and related sexual and mental health conditions in response to persistent high infections of HIV and hep C amongst MSM, migrants and trans* people.

In 2014, with funding from ViiV, Gilead and Janssen, IHP:

See here for details of recent work.

IHP 2015 objectives:

  • Strengthen the IHP core team, refine links with partners and work colleagues to strengthen IHP as a multi-service, multi-issue resourcing platform

  • Consolidate 2014 advances in the following activities:

    • IHP’s self stigma initiative with Nadine Ferris France

    • Community testing network with the network steering committee

    • European Testing Week serving on the ETW working group and participating with NeLP’s testing project

    • NeLP’s Overcoming Obstacles to Testing OOTT) and Access to treatment access (ATT) projects

    • To Prevent and Protect project with Turkish key stakeholders and international supporters advocating for government attention to rising HIV numbers with Dr Deniz Gökengin, EGEHAUM

    • Turkish self management project at EGEHAUM with Dr Deniz Gökengin and Waverley Care, Scotland

    • Cross region exchange for ME and C&SEE activists with NeLP and Middle East collaborators

    • MENARAC – the MENA Research Advocacy Committee with Dr Navid Madani

    • ReShape think tank in the UK and its projects including the 1st European ChemSex Forum and frontline training and the VITO project, a film series promoting dialogue amongst LGBT generations.

IHP achievements include:

Benjamin Collins