"When I transitioned from HIV Training and Resource Initiative in 2010 I had a series of meetings with trusted colleagues. Together we envisioned a multi-service, multi-issue resourcing platform for innovative projects developed by activists, providers, researchers and people impacted by blood-borne diseases.We developed International HIV Partnerships together." -- Ben Collins 


Thank you to Abbvie, AHF Europe, Alere, Gilead, MSD, and ViiV for their generous support of IHP projects.




DENİZ GÖKENGİN EGEHAUM Turkey deniz.gokengin@ege.edu.tr
NAVID MADANI Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, GNR-MENA Canada
DANIELA MARIĆ Novi Sad HIV Clinic Serbia dr.danielamaric@gmail.com
JOHNNY TOHME San Francisco, Beirut tohme.johnny@gmail.com
AMY SOLON Waverley Care UK Amy.Solon@waverleycare.org

Ben is director of International HIV Partnerships, a resource consultancy, which builds partnerships and initiatives with community activists, service users and service providers, clinicians and researchers, international organisations, industry and government officials for successful responses to HIV and hepatitis and related sexual health, mental health and human rights issues .

He has been HIV+ since 1981 and active in HIV as a volunteer, study patient, activist, administrator and consultant since 1985, first at Project Inform, a US-based treatment and research information and advocacy organisation.

Deniz Gökengin is a professor of Infectious Diseases and is an academic staff member at the Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Ege University. She is also the director of the Ege University HIV/AIDS Research and Practice Center. She has worked in many nongovernmental organizations as founder member, member and executive board member and she is the executive board member of the Society for AIDS and STI. She has been involved in HIV care for almost 20 years and has taken place in many medical and social projects.

Dr. Madani is a biochemist in the Department of Cancer Immunology and AIDS at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School.  Her biochemical research focuses on finding a woman-controlled microbicide that specifically targets HIV-1 viral entry. In addition, she regularly travel to the Middle East to present seminars at various universities, with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS and public health geared toward youth and women to advance the understanding of reproductive health issues. Her goal is to facilitate interdisciplinary research and dialogue on emerging infectious diseases in the region.  She is currently on the advisory board of the Network of Iranians for Knowledge and Innovation (NIKI), board of directors of Scientific Association for Public Health in Iran (SAPHIR), and previously was chair of the Global Network of Researchers on HIV/AIDS in Middle East and North Africa (GNR-MENA).  She hopes to use science education as a bridge to health and peace.



Oct 08 – Dec 2013      Consultancy training in Infectious diseases, University of Novi Sad, Medical School

June 08- Sept 11          PhD studies in Clinical Medicine, University of Novi Sad, Medical School

Achievements and Awards

Sept 2009                    EACS fellowship for Advanced HIV Course

March 2008                 EACS fellowship for Medical Exchange Program

Nov 2004                     State Scholarship for Postgraduate studies

Sep 2004                     Passed the State exam for a General Practitioner

Work experience

Feb 2008-                    Teaching assistant, University of Novi Sad, Medical School,

Nov 2006-2013             Clinical physician, Clinical Center Novi Sad, Clinic for Infectious Diseases

Dec 2013-                    Infectious diseases specialist, Clinical Center Novi Sad, Clinic for Infectious Diseases

Research and Publications

1. Svarc D. Presence of minimal hepatic encephalopathy in patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis determined by neurophysiological and neuropsychological tests (MA theses); University of Novi Sad, Medical School; 2008.

2. Maric D. The effects of vitamin and mineral supplement on antioxidant capacity and quality of life in women with chronic fatigue syndrome (PhD dissertation); University of Novi Sad, Medical School; 2011.

Conference publications

  1. Klasnja B, Svarc D. Presence of minimal hepatic encephalopathy in patients with chronic liver disease. Falk Symposia. Abstract book, Abstract No99. October 10-11. 2006. Freiburg, Germany
  2. Svarc D.  Frequency of hepatocellular carcinoma in chronic viral infections. Abstract book, Abstract No92. Oktobar 13-14. 2007. Drezden, Germany.
  3. Djurić P, Ilic S, Rajcevic S, Maric D, Brkic S, Turkulov V. Ten year trend in HIV testing rates in Vojvodina, the northern province of Serbia. EACS Belgrade, Serbia 2012.
  4. Maric D, Brkic S, Nedic J, Kiralj K, Djuric P, Turkulov V. HIV testing in Clinical Center of Vojvodina, Serbia HIV in Europe Copenhagen, Denmark 2012.
  5. Maric D, Brkic S, Obradovic B, Cvetkovic M, Turkulov V, Marjanovic M, Stajer V, Novakovic M. A cross sectional analisys of body composition in HIV+ people compared to healthy control group. EACS Brussels, Belgium 2013.


  1. Brkic S, Maric D. HIV infection and pregnancy. In: S. Brkić Contemporary diagnostic and treatment algorithms of infectious diseases in pregnancy. Novi Sad: Ortomedics; 2009. p91-116.
  2. Maric D. Sampling. In Đurić P. Introduction to scientific research. Novi Sad: Medical faculty University of Novi Sad; 2013.
  3. Maric D. Presentation of scientific research. In Đurić P. Introduction to scientific research. Novi Sad: Medical faculty University of Novi Sad; 2013.
  4. Djurić P, editor. Introduction to scientific research: questions and answers. Novi Sad: Medical faculty University of Novi Sad; 2013.

Joural articles

  1. Ruzic M, Fabri M, Klasnja B, Pobor M, Svarc D, Jovelic A, Fabri I. Efficiency of pegylated interferone α2/ribavirine therapy in treatment of chronic hepatitis C in IV drug users. Srp Arh. 2010;138(1-2): 43-49. (M23)
  2. Brkic S, Maric D, Tomic S, Dimitrijevic R. Viral infections and oxidative stress. Vojnosanit Pregl 2010; 67(12): pp. 953-1042. (M23)
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  4. Brkic S, Tomic S, Maric D, Novakov Mikic A, Turkulov V. Lipid Peroxidation is Elevated in Female Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Med Sci Monit 2010; 16(12):628-632. (M23)



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  4. Brkic S, Bogavac A, Simin N, Hrnjakovic-Cvetkovic I, Milosevic V, Maric D. Unusual high rate of asymptomatic maternal parvovirus B19 infection associated with severe fetal outcome. J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2011;24(4):647-9. (M22)
  5. Novakov Mikic A, Brkic S, Maric D, Djan M, Mitic G. Antioxidant capacity in women with Preeclampsia.  HealthMed 2011; 5(4):901-906. (M23)


  1. Novakov Mikic A, Cabarkapa V, Nikolic A, Maric D, Brkic S, Mitic G, Ristic M. Cystatin  C in pre-eclampsia. J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2012;25(7):961. (M23)
  2. Tomic S, Brkic S, Maric D, Novakov Mikic A. Lipid and protein oxidation in female patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. Arch Med Sci 2012;8(5):886-91. (M23)
  3. Novakov Mikic A, Brkic S, Maric D, Sekulic B, Cetkovic A, Mitic G. Tiobarbiturat acid as a oxidative stress marker in preeclamptic pregnancies. Med Pregl In press 2012. (M51)


  1. Maric D, Brkic S, Tomic S, Novakov Mikic A, Cebovic T, Turkulov V. Multivitamin mineral supplementation in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. Med Sci Monit. 2014 Jan 14;20:47-53. doi: 10.12659/MSM.889333.

Oral presentations

Nov 2013         HIV treatment – options and challenges. Annual HIV convention, Novi Sad, Serbia

Sept 2013.       Importance of body composition measurements in people living with HIV.  GSK regional meeting, Novi Sad, Serbia

May 2013.       Department for HIV/AIDS – the first five years. MSD regional meeting, Belgrade Novi Sad, Serbia

Nov 2012.        Multivitamin mineral supplementation during increased oxidative stress disorders


Dec 2011                  Viiv Young HIV physicians meeting, Paris, France

June 2011                 HIV and HCV coinfection, Milano, Italy

June 2011                 ECrECo Zagreb, Croatia

Sept 2009                 EACS Advanced HIV Course, France

Nov 2008                  HIV9 Glasgow conference, UK

Oct 2008                   BHIVA Autumn Conference , UK

July-Nov 2008            Honorary Clinical Observer as a Young HIV phyisician, Royal Free Hospital, London, UK

Oct 2007                   Falk foundation sponsorship and poster presentation, Falk symposia on liver diseases, Dresden, Germany

Oct 2007                   First congress of Serbian infectologists, poster presentation

                                Frequency of hepatocellular carcinoma in chronic viral infections

                                Serbian medical society (SLD)

May 2007                  Crucial issues in HIV diagnosis and menagement in South East Europe, The HIV Training and Resource Center Royal Free Hospital London, UK


Languages: Serbian (native), English (fluent, Proficiency I), French (intermediate, DELF A1), Hungarian (novice), German (novice).

         Advanced Computing Skills.

Johnny Tohme is a doctoral student in Psychology in the Lebanese National University.

Co-chair within MSM Global Forum Youth Advocacy group and a member in Helem LGBT organization.  As a junior researcher, he was the project coordinator (MSM part) of an NIH funded study done in Beirut, Lebanon among MSM, Transgender and male sex workers, then later that year, he was awarded a scholarship to study behavioral research among MSM and transgender at University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and received an amfAR fund to lead a bio-behavioral study among MSM refugees in Lebanon.

Early 2014, along a group of HIV and MSM activists from the Middle East and North Africa region, he started the first regional coalition on MSM and HIV (M-Coalition) based in Beirut, Lebanon and in which he currently holds the title of executive director.

Amy qualified with a degree in Psychology and worked in this area for a number of years before realizing that supporting people to unleash their potential was what she was really passionate about. She went on to train as a life coach in 2009 and has been working in this field ever since. She joined Waverley Care in 2011 where she does one to one life coaching work as well as facilitates self management workshops for people living with HIV and Hepatitis C in Scotland. Amy also trains front line staff across Scotland who work with people affected by HIV and Hepatitis C in self management and life coaching principles and how to work with their clients in a solution focused way. 

So what constitutes a multi-service, multi-issue resourcing platform?

Beyond IHP's expanding group of partners, projects develop as collaborations with colleagues all over the world who lend their expertise and energy to ensure work moves forward.

IHP provides the context, the continuity and often the funding and administration for the projects to develop and, at times, interact with each other.


BEN CHENG Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation Canada bcheng@pgaf.org
DAVID STUART 56 Dean Street and ReShape Lorem david.stuart@me.com
SIMON COLLINS HIV i-base and ReShape Lorem lorem@email.com
RADE KUZMANOVIĆ Q Club and NeLP Serbia rade.kuzmanovic@q-club.org.rs
TERRY WHITE ReShape United Kingdom twhite7101@gmail.com
BRYAN TEIXEIRA IHP Project Management Consultant France bteixeiraconsulting@gmail.com
FARDAD DOROUDI UNAIDS Iran doroudif@unaids.org

Undergraduate:                 Northeastern University
                                     Boston, Massachusetts
                                     BET/B.S. 1986/1987, Mechanical Engineer
Graduate:                         Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                     Cambridge, Massachusetts
                                     M.S. 1989, Materials Science
2013 to Present                Vice President, Technology & Innovation
                                     Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation
                                     436 14th Street, Suite 920
                                     Oakland, CA 94612
2012 to 2013                   Managing Director
                                     Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation
                                     472 9th Avenue
                                     Oakland, CA 94607
2011 to 2012                   Consultant
                                     Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation
                                     472 9th Avenue
                                     Oakland, CA 94607
2011 to 2012                   Treatment Adviser
                                     International HIV Partnerships
                                     47A Exmouth Market
                                     London EC1R 4QL
2008 to 2011                   Director, Advocacy and Communications MACEPA
                                     2201 Westlake Avenue
                                     Suite 200
                                     Seattle, WA 98121
2003 to 2008                   Deputy Director
                                     Forum for Collaborative HIV Research
                                     2175 K Street NW, Suite 700
                                     Washington, DC 20037
2002 to 2003                   Project Manager
                                     Forum for Collaborative HIV Research
                                     2021 K Street NW, Suite 800
                                     Washington, DC 20006
2000 to 2002                   Director, Antiviral Advocacy
                                          Project Inform
                                          205 13th Street, Suite 2001
                                          San Francisco, CA 94103
1993 to 2000                   Asst. Director, Information and Advocacy Department
                                          Project Inform
                                          205 13th Street, Suite 2001
                                          San Francisco, CA 94103
1986 to 1993                   Project Manager
                                          Bell Labs
                                          North Andover, MA 01810

David Stuart is the Substance Use Lead at 56 Dean street, GUM/HIV (Chelsea and Westminster hospital, NHS Foundation Trust), a role created specifically to address the UK syndemic of HIV/HCV/STI/sexualized drug use by MSM, often referred to as “ChemSex”.
David has been instrumental in promoting understanding and good practice in the field of MSM substance use, facilitating the adoption of substance use work within the GUM/HIV sector to address ChemSex trends. He has developed unique interventions and care pathways for the emerging trends of Methamphetamine, GHB/GBL and Mephedrone use as well as co-developing the pioneering services, Antidote, Club Drug Clinic and CODE Clinic. Historically he has worked with various populations including street homeless and users of performance and image enhancing drugs (PIED’s), and has been consulted by the directors of national drug policy from UK, USA and (perhaps oddly), China.

Simon Collins is an HIV positive treatment advocate who works to encourage people living with HIV to take an active role in their own health. He was lucky enough to be access combination therapy in 1996 which he started with a CD4 count in single figures.
Simon co-ordinates the i-Base treatment information services including the phoneline and the website. Since February 2003 he has edited HIV Treatment Bulletin and he also edits the i-Base treatment guides and the treatment training manual for advocates. Producing copyright-free treatment publications, has helped enable information from these resources be translated into over 35 languages.
“HIV positive people should have the choice to be actively involved and represented at all levels of their care. Free access to the latest information should be available to everyone before they make treatment decisions about their healthcare.”
Simon is involved in a wide range of advisory boards that develop community involvement in clinical research and treatment guidelines and he has been on the writing committee for several BHIVA guidelines. For two years, he co-co-chaired the European Community Advisory Board (ECAB) and cofounded the UK-CAB in 2002.
He has been involved as a community representative on several research studies. These include the HAART Oversight Committee, the D:A:D study, the INSIGHT group (this includes the START study) and the PARTNER study. He was a member of the external advisory panel for Liverpool Biomedical Research Centre from 2007-2012. Other ongoing studies that he is involved in include PROUD, POPPY, CHERUB, COBRA, UK Seroconverters Register, UK-CHIC and the UK HIV Drug Resistance Database.
He regularly runs i-Base treatment workshops and has worked with a wide range of community organisations.
He co-founded HIV i-Base in 2000 with colleagues from the AIDS Treatment Project in London where he volunteered and worked from 1997-2000.

I started managing projects in 2005, working in a specialized project management consulting company. That gave me a chance to manage various types of projects, in many business fields, like IT, construction, public utility projects; and for diverse clients, like private investors (local and international), government organisations, non-government organisations.
Further mastering of project management is my greatest career preference.
One of the best rewards about this work is the feeling at the end of a successful project, after facing challenges and problems of the project, especially in Serbia.
I work with PMI standards and technologies, to the extent of permitting factors of the environment that doesn’t accept project management. My next step is PMP certification.

I deliver projects on time and on budget meeting all outcomes. An experienced and knowledgeable organisation manager, developer and entrepreneur. I have had voluntary and worked in experience in the USA, UK, Ibiza, Ukraine, Russia and the Middle East and North Africa, and across the spectrum of organisations, from small voluntary groups, statutory sector and large national and international non-governmental organisations.

  1. Motivating and empowering teams to envision and pursue clear objectives.
  2. 2. development, creating systems and structures to manage growth/scale up
  3. 3.Fund raising – program, and M&E design proposal development and managing donor relations
  4. 4.Program management


  1. Challenging status quo
  2. innovation by exploring alternative ways to solve problems and challenges
  3. Mentor, facilitator, enabler 

My initial involvement with HIV goes back to when I was a psychology doctoral student in San Francisco in the early 1980's. I went on to initiate the first AIDS-related support groups in Vancouver and probably in Canada. I became the Chair of the Board of AIDS Vancouver Island, one of the first AIDS organisations in the world to get involved with needle exchange.

Linked to several visits to South India, I have supported various campaigns for AIDS activism in South India and provided training to young activists.

In 2001, I took up the role as CEO of Naz Project London, the longest established and largest ethnic minority-led organisation in the UK specifically focused on sexual health and HIV. During this period, I also served as the UK National Focal Point for AIDS and Mobility Europe for a decade, linking with other leaders and organisations working on migration and HIV issues across Europe.

I am a member and also serve on the Policy Steering Committee of the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG), Brussels. Since the beginning of 2013, I have been EATG’s representative on the NGO Delegation of the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board (PCB), where I sit as the Main Delegate for Europe. I also represent the NGO Delegation on UNHCR’s Interagency Task Team on HIV and Humanitarian Emergencies.

I bring experience from over 30 years in the HIV field, working across many cultures and with various ethnic and sexual minorities. 


In October 1992, Fardad Doroudi completed his studies in Medicine at Iran University of Medical Sciences. He then started working as a physician in the Health Network where he worked as clinician and researcher. He wrote books on health, medicine and research methodology during this period. After achieving United States Medical License, he joined United Nations Population Fund in 1999 to manage joint United Nations-national programmes to provide reproductive health services to Afghan refugees as well as Iranians residing in remote and deprived provinces.
In 2002, Dr Doroudi joined World Food Programme to serve in the Programming Section in different capacities and later in 2005, he became Programme Manager of HIV/AIDS Grant of the Global Fund at United Nations Development Programme. Dr Doroudi had continued his studies in fields of public health at Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Clinical Trial Research and Health Policy and Management at McMaster University (Canada) before joining the Global Fund Local Fund Agent in early 2008. In 2009, he joined UNAIDS as Country Director for Iran Country Office.
In capacity of UNAIDS Country Director, Dr Doroudi’s work is focused on management of generating strategic information on HIV, supporting development and scaling up of the national response to AIDS, advocating with all partners for an expanded response to AIDS and supporting development and implementation of the UN joint programme on AIDS. 

This is fragile, developing work in difficult settings with limited funding.

The need for creative, focussed team support is essential.

In the past 4 years the IHP platform has grown rapidly.

Recent grants have led to new staff and this revised and improved website. 


NIA DUNBAR IHP Communications Manager UK nd@ihp.hiv
SYLVIE BEAUMONT ReShape, IHP United Kingdom sylvie.beaumont@gmail.com

Nia is IHP’s administrator. Her background includes ample experience in PA roles in various fields including theatre production. For the last 6 years Nia has ran her own business in Well Being and meditation, bringing business experience and organisational skills to this role.  Nia is passionate about the work IHP is doing and is privileged to be part of the organization.

Dynamic, self-motivated bi-lingual individual with extensive experience in web content management, project management and writing and editing for the web/print publications. Exceptional organisational skills and proven ability to work effectively across international boundaries. Constant record of delivering results to tight deadlines and within budget.