In the Middle East


Established working ties with Marsa Sexual Health Clinic (Beirut, Lebanon)

Launched a cross-region exchange project between Middle Eastern and Central and South East European activists, with Marsa Sexual Health Clinic and HERA and Stronger Together (Skopje, Macedonia)

  • Phase 1 – 14 – 16 November 2014: Cross-region exchange workshop in Istanbul with 20 activists from both regions


Advance cross-region activist exchange for the low HIV prevalence countries of the Middle East and Central and South East Europe, launched by IHP, Marsa Sexual Health Clinic (Beirut, Lebanon), HERA and Stronger Together (Skopje,

  • Develop a secure online network
with chat room and knowledge hub
  • Host cross-region exchange workshop in Greece to focus on community engagement, volunteerism and safe spaces for people facing blood borne diseases